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  1. Kate Spade Shoes

    August 24, 2011 by admin

    Kate Spade Shoes–Foot Fashion

    Kate Spade shoes are classic shoes of beauty. They have many colors such as tan, beige, licorice. They have more colors available than most other designers.

    Kate Spade Shoesnot Kate Spade shoes

    They have many styles like slingback pumps, strappy sandals and wedding shoes. They wear and care for easily too. They are available at women’s clothing stores and online.

    Kate Spade shoes are an effortless way to infuse color into your everyday style. Whether in jeans or dressy shorts or party dress, they bring color to your outfit more than expected. They are ready for any occasion.

    I love the color contrast with their color patent toe pops against the natural linen color of the Brazilian-made flats. I couple them with one of their color match Kate Spade handbags for a beautiful color style.

    Shopping For Kate Spade Shoes

    When shopping for different style shoes, they have equally delightful shoes set for any occasion. I bought a beautiful set of their leather wedding shoes with wedding belles on them with high heels in tan color. They matched beautifully with the style and color of our bridesmaid dresses. They were a classic charm.

    They wear comfortably and are great for home or the informal occasion. They are delightful with jeans. One pair I love is their Brazilian-made flats with a half-inch rubber heel. They are brightly colored which contrasts with the jeans. You can also wear them with dressy shorts or a relaxed party dress. They go well with Kate Spade jewelry or Kate Spade accessories. One of my favorite designer handbags match perfectly with these flats.

    Their pumps are great too. I have a pair of licorice satin pumps in tan. I wear them with dressy shorts or sparkle rose color skirt with matching accessories such as earrings or eyewear. So they are great for shopping.

    When the occasion is a reserved party, I just love my pair of black mesh and leather high heels. I wear it with my red favorite party dress.

    If you are shopping for Kate Spade shoes, they are sold by Zappos and Nordstrom. They are available in all women’s shoe sizes and most colors. They are available at designer boutiques, other women clothing stores and online.